• Level 1 Curriculum

    37 Lessons in ,


    This is our basic level course that lays the foundation for every technique in Krav Maga, from striking, defenses, and self-defense. The lessons in this course give you the functional knowledge needed to make strong defenses against the most used attacks.

  • Level 2 Curriculum

    34 Lessons


    This is the second level of our beginners course and builds on the foundation developed in Level 1. The lessons in this course give you the functional knowledge needed to make strong defenses against the most used attacks.

  • Level 3 Curriculum

    27 Lessons


    This is the third level of our beginners course and adds very strong striking and some of the most difficult self-defense techniques without a weapon.

  • Beginner's Course (Level 1-3)

    0 Lessons


    Get our entire beginners level courses for one low price and you’ll learn 3x as much in half the time. This course is everything in levels 1-3.

  • Basic 3 Weapon Course

    0 Lessons in ,


    Learn everything from our Basic handgun, edged weapon, and blunt object series in one place. You’ll get all of the defensive techniques to defend the most commonly used weapons with the most commonly used attacks. Start to become the expert!

  • Basic Handgun Course

    11 Lessons in ,


    With the number of handguns in our world today no self-defense training is complete without a knowledge of how to defend and disarm these dangerous weapons. Learn to deal with the most dangerous situations possible.

  • Basic Blunt Object Course

    6 Lessons in ,


    Since the beginning of time, man has picked up sticks and used them as weapons. Learn techniques that will protect and minimize damage from one of the most available weapons around.

    Preview this course - (1 preview lessons)

  • Basic Edged Weapon Course

    10 Lessons in ,


    Fast. Sneaky. Always dangerous. Knives are crazy scary to defend against. Sign up for this course to learn some defenses that will keep you from becoming a pin-cushion.

  • Striking for Self Defense

    20 Lessons


    Learn the most needed striking to beat any attacker regardless of size or strength.  This course will get you started on the path to living life without fear because of the confidence you’ll have knowing you can fight your way out if necessary.  Don’t let them take the fight […]

  • Women's Self Defense Course

    22 Lessons in


    This course is specially designed for women to train at home, at their own pace and abilities while gaining knowledge and confidence to protect themselves and their families against any attacker, even though you may be half their size.

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